10+ Acres on Playa Pájaros: Developer’s Dream: $375,000 USD

For Sale

“Welcome to Vista Mar Azul on Playa Pájaros! Playa Pájaros is a secluded, quiet, white sand beach located in Rio Grande, Paquera on The Nicoya Peninsula. Vista Mar Azul is a gorgeous piece of property that’s only steps away from this peaceful, beautiful beach. This huge plot consists of 41,934.67m2 (10.36 acres) of land and is an ideal choice for one of two types of buyer: 1) Folks who desire a large, private beachfront paradise all to themselves, living at one with the beauties of nature, free from pesky neighbors and human harassment, or 2) people who have an interest in creating their own traffic through the development of the land, the launching of relevant businesses, and/or the establishment of their own community on the property. Currently, there are a few locals living in the neighborhood and it only gets busy during Easter and Christmas vacations, when tourists come to hang out and enjoy the pristine beach. The current owners have already installed electrical poles, lines, and transformers for the property, so that level of infrastructure is in place. They’ve also drafted a potential development plan for approximately half of the land, including 10 smaller lots with road frontage and several larger “estate styled” lots up the hill, some of which have jaw-dropping views of the sea. These plans have not been officially registered with the municipality in case the buyer wants to do something else entirely with the land, but they’re included in the sale for anyone interested in capitalizing on groundwork that’s already been laid. Reasonable concepts for the property include an organic sustainable farm/community, a small adventure resort, kayak & fishing businesses, a seafood restaurant, a campground, housing for a missionary project, etc. There are plenty of wonderful uses for this property in the hands of proper visionaries. The proposed Phase 1 and Phase 2 lots are projected to sell for over $680,000 USD total if developed and sold to individuals over time. That doesn’t even include any gains from the remainder of the property (almost 1/2) in Phase 3. The current owners are no longer in a position realize the potential of the development of this amazing property, and therefore are willing to “turn over the keys” to this opportunity for $375,000 USD. The road between Paquera and Playa Naranjo, which passes directly by the entrance to Playa Pájaros, is finally in the process of being paved, so the value of this land and anything on it stands to enjoy a healthy increase going forward. Stake your claim today. Raise your flag on this unique opportunity before another savvy investor beats you to the punch! The time is now.”VISTA MAR AZUL, Paquera