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Between the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn

The Magic of Tambor

It’s 5:15am and the warm sun rises gently over Bahia Ballena. The horseshoe shaped bay glistens with spectacular opportunity as the inhabitants of Tambor Beach are nudged to the starting line of what promises to be another amazing day in paradise. Scarlet macaw alarm clocks mingle with howler monkey snooze reminders. Fishermen, dreamers, vegetable vendors, […]

The Best of Both Worlds: Balmy Beaches & Misty Mountains

  My wife and I have lived in Costa Rica full-time now for almost 12 years. Throughout our budding romance with this amazing country, we’ve been equally drawn to the beach and mountain regions. In fact, our proportion of living in PuraVidaVille has almost been split 50/50 between the warm beaches and the misty mountains.  […]

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