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Beach Blogging

Our Neighbor, Tom Brady

It’s mid-November and the New England Patriots have a robust record of 8-1. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and their jolly cocksure gang are marching steadily towards what many believe will be yet another Super Bowl appearance to close out the season. Another glittering opportunity for them to shine on the biggest of stages, to hoist […]

Be The Light

The sun rises strong and warm in Costa Rica this morning. Opportunity brims and spills from a steaming cup of dark roast coffee. Invigoration is eminent and the day is chock full of promise. A refreshing rain falls to cool the air and nourish the world. Today is the first day of the rest of […]

“Mother Nature’s Riches”

It is said that Christopher Columbus named Costa Rica based on his belief that it was a “Rich Coast” from his time and experiences with the land and the people upon anchoring here back in the early 1500’s. The visual, sensual, and interpersonal stimulation that he enjoyed during his time in this amazing country had […]